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Consumer & Design Trend Intelligence


Trends for the Garden Industry

Knowing what consumers ‘will’ want brings certainty, confidence, creativity and success to a business.

GIMA members can now take advantage of our new partnership with future Consumer & Design Trend Intelligence Agency, Scarlet Opus.

Working internationally with retailers & manufacturers associated with the Lifestyle marketplace, Scarlett Opus identify what will be in-fashion 2-3 years ahead. As well as focusing on macro trends, they get very specific about colour, pattern, materials, textures, shape and consumer expectations.

Scarlett Opus have been commissioned by GIMA to develop a ‘Trends in the Garden Industry’ report. With a solid foundation of research and intelligence, the report will focus on a number of key consumer and design trends, which are then translated into the following product categories to support product and range development.

Garden Pots & Planters / Gloves, Boots, Clothing & Textiles / Hard Landscaping, Materials and Surfaces / Garden Lighting / Garden Décor, Ornaments, Water Features & Structure / Garden Furniture & Accessories /  Packaging, Labelling, Merchandising & Displays

Scarlet Opus’ client companies use their intelligence to inform strategic direction, plan future product ranges and shape marketing messages.

Significantly de-risking the decision making process.

Why Use Trends Content

Trend Forecasters Predict:

  • Why & When a trend will Emerge
  • Why & How a trend with be Reinforced
  • Why & How a trend with Shift Direction

Very few business teams have enough time to anticipate consumer needs; enough time to create a plan to meet those needs and still enough time to make products that will satisfy those needs. The vast majority ‘do the best they can in the time they have’.

For some that’s good enough, others are left knowing that if only they had more time, they’re capable of achieving so much more. Higher sales, more market share, better brand awareness, higher shareholder values, more satisfaction. The ROI into Trend Intelligence is staggering according to those who buy it.

Benefits of Trend Forecasting

  • Informs your planning, product development and sourcing
  • Enabling you to offer the right products at the right time
  • Incorporating design, material and colour that meets consumer desires and expectations.
  • Product will align with complimentary product areas
  • Marketing messages will resonate with your consumers, using language that demonstrates you understand what your consumer wants, needs & desires are.
  • Inspiring your visual merchandising (on/offline) to reflect current trends

If you view it through your consumer’s eyes you’ll gain an edge enabling you to Lead with Confidence

GIMA Trends Report and Presentations

This exclusive report is available to GIMA members only at the subsidised rate of £200+VAT.

If you would like to purchase a copy then get in touch with the GIMA office.

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