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Supplier of the Year Entry Form

Supplier of the Year


Nominate who, in your opinion, is the top manufacturer or supplier to the UK garden market since the start of the current seasonal year in October 2017 to June 2018

Taking into account their overall performance, please write a few words on the reason for your number one choice in the space provided.

Factors you may wish to take into account could include :

1. Product range 4. Reliability of supply 7. Marketing expertise including local & national advertising
2. Abilities & effectiveness of their sales force or agents 5. Packaging & product presentation 8. Sales Achievement
3. Margin Potential and profit return 6. In-store marketing and merchandising 9. New Product development

In making your choice, you should not take account of the size of the company, nor the extent of their budget; it is how they make the most of their opportunities, how creative their approach is to the marketing and selling of their products, and how supportive they are in their partnership with customers.

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