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Seed Corn Fund

GIMA Innovators' Seed Corn Fund

GIMA is delighted to be able to offer an annual grant totalling £6,000 to help launch innovative, exciting, never before seen products for the gardening market.

If you have a new product or invention, and would like to showcase it to leading manufacturers, retailers and distributors in the gardening industry, then this could be just the help you need to get your product to market.

Judged by a panel of industry experts, the GIMA Seed Corn Fund will be awarded to the most innovative and unique product, offering the greatest commercial opportunity in the market.

The winning entries are announced at the annual GLEE trade show, attended by thousands of garden industry buyers and decision makers held at the NEC in September.


The 2017 winner was announced at GLEE as bio-bean

A clean technology company, bio-bean has industrialised the process of recycling spent coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals. It was the company’s Coffee Logs that captured the attention of the judges thanks to its simplicity and environmentally friendly nature. Coffee Logs are quite simply, a fuel for stoves, wood burners and chimeneas. The difference comes from the fact that the logs are each made from 25 cups of spent coffee grounds. These compressed coffee grounds produce more heat and burn longer than wood, making them not just cost efficient but help to lower emissions and reduce waste.

‘We are absolutely thrilled to have won - as a growing start-up with a new product this support will help us take our business to the next level’.

GIMA Press Release - bio-bean scoops the 2017 GIMA Innovators' Seed Corn Fund

The 2016 winner was announced at GLEE as Viva Green

VivaGreen was established over 25 years ago by Russell and Garrett Walsh to exploit their unique formulation of biodegradable ingredients for which they found a wide range of applications.  From biodegradable ground pegs for use on golf courses, biodegradable waste sacks and liners to MossOff ,this years winner of the GIMA Innovators' Seed Corn Fund.  MossOff is a multi-surface concentrate that offers a new and totally unique biocide-free way of controlling moss on all outdoor surfaces.

When asked 'what does the win me to you?  VivaGreen replied 'winning is a great endorsement for the work we've done so far and it's reassuring to know that the judges endorsed what we know to be a great opportunity for the UK market.

The 2015 winner was announced at GLEE as Green Digit

The team at Green Digit are the brains behind SeedCell, a new concept in Grow-Your-Own. Put simply, its packaging you plant! SeedCell offers a fun, clever, and waste free way to plant seeds, making them the perfect tool to get children interested in growing their own food. Just snap the cells out and push them into some soil. The unique pointed triangle cell acts as a seed delivery system, removing the need for tools. The natural pulp will absorb any ground moisture and help deliver it directly to the seed aiding the germination while providing a safe, reliable micro climate in which to grow. Currently the SeedCell is available in nine varieties (Chilli Peppers, Tomato, Sweet Mixed Peppers, Sunflowers, Mixed Herbs, Chives, Parsley, Coriander and Basil).

"Winning the GIMA Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund is our biggest achievement to date. It means a great deal to us to have our product recognised by such highly experienced people from within the gardening industry".

To find out more about Green Digit and SeedCell please visit

The 2014 winner SteadyPost was announced at GLEE


Suppliers of the innovative FenceFins™, SteadyPost is revolutionising the way that we erect fences, one fence post at a time, and it is this approach to delivering a simple solution to a common problem that appealed to the GIMA Seed Corn panel of judges.

Simply put, the FenceFin™ is an easy-to-use alternative to spikes or concrete, usually employed to anchor wooden fence posts in the ground. Installation is quick and easy, and a firm fence fixing is ensured, whilst no heavy labour or special equipment is needed.

“With both an innovative product and being new to the Gardening industry, we are extremely proud to have won GIMA’s inaugural ‘Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund’ award.

The award is a great signal that we are heading in the right direction. Getting the award at GLEE 2014 sent out the message ‘good product, good team, worth a good look’.

On behalf of the SteadyPost team, our many thanks to GIMA.”

David Battye, General Manager, SteadyPost Ltd.

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